Photography means a lot of different things to different people. Generally it is whatever the photographer wants it to mean in any particular circumstance. It's very complicated from that perspective. It can mean: memories, art, documentation or all of these things wrapped up in some way meaningful to the artist (photographer) ... for photography is an art in every sense of the word.


We work with you to capture the essence of your photography needs ... whether that is to create a visual memory, document items or events, or even develop artistic images to display.


Also, we know that professional photographers can be an expensive proposition. For many reasons this is necessarily true. But you may not have the opportunity to hire a professional and still have a memory that you want to capture. We'll help you develop the skills you need to "make a picture" -- not just "take a picture".


Let us help you find your photographic style by teaching you how your camera works, what draws the attention of your audience, and how to use the many tools and accessories available to make your photography more artistic and fun!



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